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Portrait Commissions

If you think you might like to commission a portrait, please contact me by email at

Then the first step would be a conversation between us about your desires for the painting and what I could offer you.

Please note that I normally don't include landscapes, room interiors, windows, etc., in the background when I paint people. I feel that a complex realistic background of that sort competes with the subject of the painting for the viewer's attention, and lowers the impact of the painting overall.

The Portrait Process

I paint people from photos I've taken myself, and this is also true when the painting is a commission. I will travel to the client to do this, or they can travel to me, or we can even meet at an intermediate location. It's important to the success of the portrait that I meet the subject of the painting in person and have a chance to talk for a bit, and then take a series of photographs myself.

I show sketches of several possible compositions to the client before beginning to paint, so that we can come to an agreement on the approach before I go further. I will resketch at this stage until the client and I are both satisfied. I remain in contact with the client throughout the painting process.

I paint portraits roughly life-size. The exact dimensions vary, but this is an approximate size breakdown:

Vignette of head — 30x30cm / 12x12in
Head and shoulders — 40x60cm / 16x24in
Half figure — 80x100cm / 32x40in
3/4 figure — 100x130cm / 40x50in

The entire process takes about 3-6 months.


My prices include all of my work and materials as well as packing and shipping the portrait by DHL Express or FedEx.

My travel is not included as part of my price for the portrait. I prefer to charge the client separately for my exact travel expenses, since airfare, train fare and hotel prices vary widely depending on the destination.

I ship my work from Portugal, where I live. If the painting is going to a country outside the E.U., the painting will be processed by that country's customs agency, which may charge the client customs duties. These charges, as well as any taxes, are the responsibility of the client, and are not included in my price.

Please contact me at if you would like to find out more about what I could offer you. I can give you a price quote for your potential commission after our initial conversation.
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